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Cats and Catnip

IMG 2159 2True Catnip (nepeta cataria), also known as Catmint, orginates from the Mediterranean and can be found along dry paths and hedgerows. It is a rather unobtrusive plant and for this reason you tend to find various cultivated forms in gardens. The low growing ones (15-30cm) are often used to pad out flower beds as they form attractive thick cushions of flowers. The larger variety such as "Six Hills Giant", Sibian Catnip and the large flowered catnip N. grandiflora are very popular as they flower for a long period starting at the end of May until mid of September. The "Wild Cat" and "Pool Bank" varieties can easily reach up to 1 metre in height. All of these love a sunny position and grow best in sandy or clayey grounds.

The plant is very useful as it fights off fleas, flies and cockroaches and is is used for a variety of ailments such as sore muscles, sleep disorders, colds and stomatch upsets. It's also an important plant for wildlife as it attracts bees, bumbles bees and butterflies.Cats in particular find it irresistible - they will roll in in it happily, which the plants don't always appreciate. If you want to protect your plants against this outpouring of love, put somewire netting or basket over the flower bed to stop them being squashed. 

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