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Are you looking to buy food or products that have been produced on the seller's own farm or small holding?

Look no further! This is a free service to you. You can search the national database in many different ways, such as by who is located in your geographical area, by the type of products you are looking for or by features that are important to you (e.g. organic, no halal, free range etc.) You can search for anything from eggs to hay and straw as well as woodland and other produce.

How to search

Click on "The Directory". This brings up an A-Z list. Next to this is a little down arrow. Click on this to select whether you wish to search by Business Name, Town or County. Then click on the relevant letter (e.g. "E" for "East Sussex", "W" for "West Sussex"). A list of all producers in that county is then displayed. Or you can just use the "Search" box.
Search by category Click on "The Directory", then on the blue box "Show Categories". Click on the category you are looking for. This brings up all producers listed in that category.

All we ask in return is that you take the time to rate the producer or products after your purchase. This will help potential customers in their purchasing choices.

How to submit a Review (Feedback)

Click on the producer's name. Next - click the "Feedback " tab, then on "Write Review". Now add your review. Choose the number of stars, based on price/value, quality and customer service and mention any likes or dislikes.
When done, click "Submit" – that's it!
Please give an honest rating, even if it's a bad one. Our philosophy is that, over time, the cream will naturally rise to the top. We're depending on the community to determine what's legit and what's not. If a business is represented as a supporter of local food when they really aren't, we're counting on you to out them with a poor review.
All reviews are moderated before they are published for security reasons. If we feel they are spam or nuisance reviews, we reserve the right not to publish them.

Have you got something interesting to share?

We are always looking for people to contribute articles to this site, whether it is about growing or preparing food, nutrition, interesting facts, natural products, events they have been to, hints and tips, anything really that you feel would be of benefit or interest to our community.
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Spread the Word

Tell everyone about At the Farmgate, the more people join in, the greater a service it provides for the community. We all rely on one another for support, promotion, as well as critiques so we can get things right. Share us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
A final note.... All submissions are moderated and are released for publication at our discretion. We also reserve the right to remove any published information.

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