Are you a farmer, grower, dairy, fishery, bee keeper, nursery, forester or sell products on your own farm or small holding? 

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List your business with images, website information, opening hours, special features and, most importantly, a geographical map showing your location, which lets customers know of your existence and helps them to find you. This is great for anyone wanting to buy locally produced food or products, even when they are on holiday. So don't miss out on this great opportunity. Click the 'Subscribe' button below to join (you will need to set up a login and password and complete brief info about your business). Once the data has been processed by us, we will set up your initial business information. You will then receive an email from us to notify you when your account is live, so that you can complete your entry information, and add images.

You will also be notified by email when a visitor rates and/or reviews your business or products.

Just some basic rules to qualify for membership:

Primary producers only, ie.

  • If you sell meat, the animals must be reared by you and, to comply with good animal welfare, must not have been religiously slaughtered - we will not allow any Halal products on this site, whether so labelled or not.
  • If you sell fish, you will need to have caught the fish yourself.
  • If you sell plants, they must have been grown by yourself.
  • If you sell honey, you must have your own beehives.
  • If you sell bakeware, the goods must be baked by yourself.
  • and so on.

What you get

Join our growing list of nationwide producers. You will be able to

  • list full information about your business, products and location (searchable on a map) 
  • be listed in up to 10 product categories
  • upload up to 5 images
  • highlight special selling features such as organic, pesticide free etc.
  • select a map symbol that shows your business on a Google map
  • Shows and Events - a full events log system lets you add any special upcoming events that you run or are part of. These are displayed until the event has expired.
  • Producers News - do you have any newsworthy items that you want your customers to know about (e.g. new product, equipment etc)? These announcements are displayed for 30 days and are linked to your profile.

Please read our 'Privacy and Cookies' policy and our 'Terms and Conditions' before proceeding. These are subject to change at any time without notice.

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