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Pink Pig Farm

We raise our own free range pigs, sheep and chickens and source local beef and chicken. If our pork stocks run low, we top up with free range pork from Anna's trotters in Yorkshire and lamb from local farmers. Homemade, prizewinning sausages take pride of place in the butchery counter - rustic sausage, our original , is still hugely popular and gluten free. Our Lincolnshire sausage is our best seller and sweet chilli with fresh spring onion my personal favourite. Dave, Phil Hebdidge and Simone head up the butchery team producing lots of extra, easy meals such as chicken breast stuffed with stilton and wrapped in bacon or homemade chicken kievs.
Matthew, our personal baconologist, has won many prizes for his bacon including the 'pink pig farm pink peppercorn bacon' - try saying that after a glass or two! The Bottesford Black is his latest trial, which is going down really well - he takes all the flavours to Brigg Farmer's Market on the fourth Saturday in every month.

Also fantastic Pink Pig Farm Park for farmyard fun and family frolics!

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Holme Hall,
Holme DN16 3RE

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Phone Number: 01724 844 466

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