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006As a small family run business we have been in the food and IT sectors for more years than i want to admit to. We built and unfortunately sold a microbrewery here in Sussex that was voted best in the county in 2007 beating off the big boys.

We are passionate about  food and other products especially where they should come from and how they should be looked after. Thats the reason we started this site, we could not find anywhere a list of direct sales, with no middle men. If we want apples they need to come straight off the tree not a plastic bag from Spain. Strawberries are the worst, one supermarket does them canned from China, what a disgrace.

We hope over time this site will expand and grow into the one stop source from items produced and sold at the farm gate in the uk.

Key Moments in our foodie history:

Developers of the original Black Death Chili beer.

Brewers of the only Cider containing hops.

Food and Drink Awards Gold for our Sussex Boar Hunter spiced mead liquer.

Blenders of  Pirate mead liqueur with real gold in a glass skull bottle!

Original creators and owners of Fallen Angel Brewery including the Artwork by Lynn Paula Russell

Owners of Maidenshair Mead  (currently closed due to costs)

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